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September Newsletter 2020

Message from the Founder

Process Serving, Recent Legislature Changes & Technological Advancements

In June 2019, Florida House Bill 91 was signed, sealed and delivered. One of the major changes in this Bill was the fact that process servers could now electronically sign their Returns of Service. This was a HUGE development. Prior to the signing of this Bill, only the Sheriff was allowed to electronically sign Returns, not private process servers (PPS).

Once this Bill was signed into effect, our software programmer went to work and built a feature into our software program and App which allowed Accurate Serve Process Servers to update jobs and sign Returns using their Smartphones. They could serve a paper and within minutes be able to sign the Return of Service (ROS). This sure does beat the old way of doing things which would consist of printing the Return, waiting for Server to report to the office to sign Return, then scan it, save it and email it.

This new development/advancement has been great for us here at Accurate Serve as well as our Clients. The quicker we can serve the paper and provide the ROS, then the happier our Clients will be. Well, what about an Affidavit of Service (AOS)? A notary can’t notarize a document when an electronic signature has been used, right? Well in June 2019, that was true. Fast forward 6 months, different story.

As of January 1, 2020, current Florida notaries have had the opportunity to add remote online notary (RON) duties to their current commission. In order to be approved, the following criteria must be met:

  • Complete a course
  • Obtain Bond
  • Obtain Errors & Omissions insurance
  • Select a RON Service Provider
  • Complete a form
  • Pay a Fee to the State

There are very specific duties that a RON Service Provider must undertake. The technology they utilize must meet requirements set forth in Chapter 117, Florida Statutes as well as Chapter 1N-7.001, Florida Administrative Code. Some duties include:

  • Facilitating 2-way video conferencing for online notary and Affiant (record video and store for 10 years)
  • Attach digital signatures/notary’s stamp and signature of Server

Well, just like building electronic signatures into our software program, our programmer stepped up to the cleanup spot this time and hit a grand slam. Our software program, Paper Tracker, applied to be a RON Service Provider in the State of Florida.  After that, the RON process was built into our software and after months of testing, it is now live for use. We have successfully electronically signed and notarized over a dozen Affidavits in our Tampa Bay offices this past week and now we are making the feature live in all 38 Accurate Serve locations in Florida.

When changes happen, we adjust. When advancements need to made, we get to work.  Bust most importantly, we serve papers and we serve them quickly and accurately. We pride ourselves in service of process. We are experts in the field and are committed to the industry.

Just to let you know, we opened an office in Denver, CO in July 2020. We open an office in Detroit, MI in September 2020. And we open an office in Atlanta, GA in October 2020.

We’re always working, we’re always open, and we are always doing our best to ensure your papers are served in a timely fashion and according to State Statutes.

Warmest regards,
Beau Charlet

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Franchisee: Denver

Accurate Serve of Denver is here to handle all your service of process needs.

We are here in downtown Denver ready to affect service on any subjects. Your firm would only need to send us an email with docs attached and we can get you a quote and get your job out for service!

We regularly affect service at the large corporate Registered Agents. CT Corporation is located here in Denver.

We can go to Littleton Co. and affect service on Corporation Service company as well!

What about service of process on the State of Colorado? We can direct our servers to affect process at any government entity in Denver or anywhere around the state!

That’s not all!! We have an extensive network nationwide! If you are looking for a process server in Colorado, or anywhere else just send us an email and we will be happy to take great care of you and your business.

– Your Accurate Serve Denver Team

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Life is getting back to normal, slowly.  Kids are back in school, whether it be at home, brick and mortar or a combo. Sports are back, I have been glued to the U.S. Open and can’t wait for football to start. Just want to say thanks to everyone who does their part to keep themselves safe as well as those they interact with in their respective bubbles.  We’ll all get through this together and we all must do our part.

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August 2020 Job Statistics

August 2020 Job Count – 5,057
Average Number of Days from Receiving Paper to Paper Being Served* – 4.25

*This includes jobs that may be on hold or waiting for new info.  There is no way to take those jobs out of the calculation.  So, if a job is placed on hold for 2 weeks, that’s 14 days on that job which factors in to this average. So, we’re even better than what the eyes see, LOL. Some papers get served same day, some next day and some take multiple attempts/addresses to effect service. All we do all day and every day is serve papers. We’re good at it and we love what we do. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to continue to serve your papers.

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