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Terms & Conditions

We request pre-payment from all new Clients, plain and simple. Let’s say you start sending us work on a regular basis, which we hope is the case, at that point, invoicing can become an option. If we do arrive at that point (fingers crossed), we expect payment on all Invoices to be satisfied within 30 days. Any unpaid Invoices over the 30 day threshold, will be assessed an administrative/late fee. The fee is $5 per Invoice per month.

Gainesville Office:
Accurate Serve®
2603 NW 13th St. #255
Gainesville, FL 32609




Address & Attempts

Here are a few tips to consider when hiring us for service and some FAQs to follow.

  • We offer four attempts for our service fee.  If we are serving at a business, we will attempt during business hours.  If we are trying at a residence, we will alternate our attempts from early AM to late PM to Saturday
  •  If we need to go to an additional address, there is an additional fee.  This is standard practice in the industry.
  • No refunds once an attempt is made.  If you cancel before an attempt is made, generally we can refund the monies to you.
  • We are experts in the field.  We will do everything in our power to get the job done.  We know the Statutes (FL and other states)
  • If we do have a bad address and you do not have a good address, we can run a skip trace to possibly locate the individual and then serve them the process

When you make your first pre-payment, you acknowledge on the website that you agree to the Terms and Conditions set forth on this website.

THEM, LLC d/b/a Accurate Serve® of Gainesville and its franchisor Winston Honore Holdings, LLC d/b/a Accurate Serve® are released from any liability or claims that may arise out of using this service.


Our Process

What is your rate? As rates vary depending on a number of things (location, time frame, etc.), please call or email for a quote.  We serve papers and we are great at it, trust me.  If we were bad at serving papers we wouldn’t have gone from a one man operation running one office to 38 offices in Florida and Alabama owned and operated by some of the brightest minds in the industry.

How can we get the ball rolling?  How can you solicit our services?  Since the e-filing era of process serving in FL (circa 4-1-13), it is safe to say that over 90% of the papers we receive to be served come to us via email or the Send Work tab on our website.  Other clients like to have papers picked up from their office, some like to mail them to us and some drop them at our office.  call us to coordinate, we are here to make your life easier in this process.

When will the first attempt be made?  Routine serviced is an attempt within 4 business days once payment and papers have been received.  A Rush service is an attempt within 24 hours once payment and papers have been received.  A Same Day Rush Serve is an attempt that day, once payment and papers have been received.  Please note that if we receive a paper with a court appearance less than a week away, we need to treat the serve as a RUSH.

What do you provide to us to show the courts?  Once service has been made, we will send a Return of Service (ROS) or an Affidavit of Service (AOS).  The ROS or AOS will list all the details of service.  When we received papers, when we served them and to who, on what day and time – what they were served with, the court caption, etc.  In the event we are unable to serve the paper, we will issue a Return of Non Service (RONS) on an Affidavit of Non Service (AONS) which will detail all of our efforts in trying to get the paper served.


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