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Love Thy Neighbor and Try to Get Along

Do you live in a neighborhood with a Homeowner’s Association (HOA)? If so, you pay a fee each year to a small, locally-run organization that is tasked with maintaining the appearance and function of your neighborhood. If you live in a large community with a common swimming area and playground, you probably pay more money while following more rules. For example…

DO… Maintain a clean and nicely groomed yard.

DO… Follow utility, trash, and sewage rules.

DON’T… Turn your backyard into a loud and boisterous party central

DON’T… Park your car in the street.

So if you do live in a neighborhood overseen by an HOA, be mindful of the regulations at hand. Certain communities are stricter than others, and that fire pit or backyard fence could get you in trouble. If you have issues, contact an attorney in Gainesville, Florida, who handles these matters and discuss your situation. When learning about your options, talk up Accurate Serve in Gainesville. We know more than the average Joe in regards to HOA matters.