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August Newsletter 2020

Message from the Founder

Lions, Tigers but Not Bears….Not Yet at Least

Accurate Serve® is over the moon excited to announce another office opening in yet another state!! Accurate Serve® of Detroit opens its doors THIS September!! Introducing new Team Member and Owner/Operator of the Detroit office, say hello to Erik Devlin. Erik has served in a different role with AS the past few years, no pun intended, because he is and has been an awesome process server the past few years!! Erik attended and graduated from Accurate Serve® corporate franchise training in August after working closely with and at multiple Accurate Serve® office locations in July and August.

After serving voluminous amounts of papers for the AS team, Erik saw the opportunity to own his own office and he seized it!!  Erik will be the 3rd process server working for Accurate Serve® who has taken the leap to become an owner of an Accurate Serve® office. The previous two Process Servers turned Owners, Brennan Fogarty and Brandon Muscato, have worked out well and we look forward to Erik growing within the organization too and becoming a solid team member for the Accurate Serve® family.

Warmest regards,
Beau Charlet

Franchisee: Gainesville

At Accurate Serve® Gainesville, we are always concerned about the health and safety of our clients, the people who we service, and our employees. This is even more important to us as we all work to navigate the “new normal” that exists during the middle of a global pandemic.

Accurate Serve® Gainesville continues to provide Contactless Service to our clients. All requests for service through AccurateServe® Gainesville may be completed via email, phone call, or US postal service. Our process servers wear PPE while delivering your important court documents, so that all parties can feel safe when they receive your information. Those served are not required to provide signatures; instead, our servers provide detailed descriptions when verifying service by using our process server app, so that procedures are touchless from start to finish. Accurate Serve® Gainesville will be here for you our clients, throughout the pandemic.

COVID numbers continue to fluctuate from county to county in our state, but scientists predict that they are expected to rise as students re-enter their classrooms and flu season approaches. Many K-12 learners in public, private and charter schools, as well as scholars at Santa Fe College and the University of Florida are returning to their respective campuses this fall, so we want to urge our clients, partners, and everyone in the Accurate Serve® family to stay safe. The influx of flu season is just around the corner, so please be sure to follow the CDC guidelines for safety and social distancing during this pandemic. Please stay safe!

– Your Accurate Serve Gainesville Team

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Kids are going back to school soon, if not already.  Please visit the CDC website and view the resources they have to ensure you, your child and all those they interact with remain safe as schools open back up.


Dates to Remember
Ft. Myers Office Anniversary
July 2020 Job Statistics

July 2020 Job Count – 4,819
Average Number of Days from Receiving Paper to Paper Being Served* – 4.2

*This includes jobs that may be on hold or waiting for new info.  There is no way to take those jobs out of the calculation.  So, if a job is placed on hold for 2 weeks, that’s 14 days on that job which factors in to this average. So, we’re even better than what the eyes see, LOL. Some papers get served same day, some next day and some take multiple attempts/addresses to effect service. All we do all day and every day is serve papers. We’re good at it and we love what we do. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to continue to serve your papers.

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