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Three Day Notices

Property Managers and Three Day Notices

When it comes to tenants who do not make good on rental agreements, property managers are well within their rights to evict these tenants to make room for others who will act responsibly and take their rental agreements seriously. The three day notice notification is a way for property managers to legally get rid of occupants who do not pay rent, or are consistently late with rent payments. It is also within the right of property managers to evict tenants who mistreat their property if upon inspection the property manager thinks the tenant has kept the property in an unacceptable manner. The three day notice is an easy process, and helps property managers make room for tenants who will treat their property with respect and uphold all lease agreements.

Three Day Notices Leverage

Evicting tenants is never a situation that property managers wish for, but in the event that it is necessary, the three day notice serves a few beneficial purposes. Some of these include:

  • Allowing tenants time to find another housing option
  • Three day notices are completely legal actions, and therefore property managers can not be involved in any lawsuits due to backlash from them
  • Three day notices are served before final eviction notices to give ample time for payment or other arrangements

These eviction notices are simple to process and can be dealt with through outside companies at the discretion of the property manager.

Serving Three Day Notices

Here at Accurate Serve Gainesville we can take care of all of your three day notice needs, and serve your tenants with the notification so you don’t have to. The process is a simple one, and it will help to get rid of disrespectful tenants and make room for new ones.