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November Newsletter 2021

Message from the Founder

This is how we do it!!

Last month, our team was able to get together for our annual franchise retreat. Our 2020 retreat was cancelled due to Covid-19. Our 2020 retreat was scheduled to be at the UF v. FSU football game but that game actually never was scheduled, due to Corona. So, 2021 same plan, just a different matchup.

The team traveled to Tallahassee, FL, minus the team members that work in that city, on a Friday afternoon/evening. We first all convened at a cool roof top bar and caught the sun as it set over the city.  It truly was a beautiful sight.

Caught an Uber to dinner, and feasted like champs.  Although, the restaurant was out of the 1st 3 items I tried to order, total bummer there but oh well.  After dinner, the highlight of the evening – riding electric scooters all over town. Such a fun time, those things are super cool.

Saturday was upon us and the day was all about the football game. As a UF alumni, I do not travel to Doak often but I will give them their props; there was a cool Champions club section in the stadium w/ unlimited food and drinks at the ready. FSU won the game AND covered the spread, LOL – we had a college football pool going for the Owners/Operators….I will brag real quick, I won, lol.

Our next annual franchise retreat is scheduled for Ft Myers, FL. Can’t wait to see what kind of craziness goes on there next year.

Warmest regards,
Beau Charlet

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